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Today, WWF staff are aboard 30-foot fishing vessels training fishers how to dehook caught turtles, hauling 100 kilogram tunas to satellite tag them and study their movements, meeting with heads of state to catalyze governmental support, or signing deals with some of the leading seafood businesses in the region to help them capitalize on more sustainable ways of doing business.

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The beaches in the Abun area (West Papua, Indonesia) comprise the world's most important nesting sites of the critically endangered Pacific population of leatherback turtles. Studies have shown that leatherback turtles from Abun migrate as far as the South China Sea, Southeastern Australia and even the west Coast of USA. To help turtles in the face of natural and human threats, WWF is studying their behaviour, working with local villages to involve them in turtle protection, and advocating for the official protection of the Abun area.

A coral reef haven (and heaven) just off the island of Sulawesi, Wakatobi is one of Indonesia’s most stunning national parks. WWF is involved in the daily management of this protected area, measuring changes in coral coverage, coral and fish species diversity, and protecting fish species in collaboration with park authorities and the local people. We are also helping the national park authority to develop the right procedures and plans to manage this amazing area.