Stories From the Coral Triangle

Coral Triangle Reefs, even more at risk than we thought?
Recent research suggests that as global warming intensifies, corals could retreat from equatorial seas and oceans including in places such as the Coral Triangle.

The Coral Triangle’s Ecotourism Destinations
From popular tourism hotspots such as Bali and El Nido to far-flung outposts, the Coral Triangle offers a bewildering array of environment-friendly resorts. Here are three such places.

When jellyfish glow in the dark
Bioluminescence allows fireflies to shine and powers deep-sea anglerfishs’ lure. This amazing faculty manifests itself in thousands of species, including jellyfish.

A Master of Disguise with 8 Tentacles
Invisibility cloaks are still the stuff of research labs, but deep in the sea, an animal has turned vanishing into an art form--just by using its skin.

What are MPAs (and why you should care)?
You may be familiar with National Parks and World Heritage Sites like Komodo National Park in Indonesia. But what do Marine Protected Areas mean to you?

Diving with the Mola
What’s flat, weighs up to 1 tonne, and likes to sunbathe? Look no further than the ocean sunfish (or mola), the heaviest known bony fish in the world.

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